Corset has evolved significantly with the acquisition of the industrial division

Corset has evolved significantly with the acquisition of the industrial division

Corset manufactures composite material components, providing a complete package of services to the customer, from design/engineering to the component being painted and assembled with the mechanics.

The company is in the province of Ferrara, on a covered area of 2600 square meters and an open yard of 3000 square meters, divided into 2 warehouses that allow for diversified processes and cycles that would not be compatible if placed in a single production module.

Laminations, bodywork, painting, post-curing cycles and assemblies are processing phases carried out in suitable environments, each with its own specificities to meet the required quality standards.

The Industrial division supplies a wide range of sectors that in recent years have been discovering the usefulness of using composite materials, both for the versatility of shapes that can be achieved and for the excellent ratio between weight and mechanical properties of the laminate.



Wind Energy



The technologies employed by Corset for component production are technologically advanced methods that enable high quality while keeping costs low.

RTM Light

Vacuum resin infusion using two silicone membrane molds

Infusion Technology

Servizio Infusione Corset-co

Vacuum infusion for medium-small series for large-sized components


Integrated Production and Maintenance Control through the use of RFid-type chips

Carbon Skin

Carbon non-woven fabric for surface finish stabilization


Corset possesses extensive experience in the design and implementation of mass production using composite materials, offering its clientele specific services tailored to their needs.

Corset offers a wide range of services.


Design and engineering of components, identification of the production cycle and the execution of mechanical tests


3D printing and modeling using 3D printers and multi-axis milling machines

Mold Fabrication

Molds for Epoxy or Vinyl Ester Resin RTM, Silicone Counter Molds for RTM Applications, and Full Carbon Molds

Painting and Finishing

GIARDINA paint booth measuring 12×6 meters

Mechanical Assembly

Assembly according to the specifications of mechanisms and kinematics typically associated with servo-assisted doors and openings

Quality Control

Monitoring through the CPI (Integrated Production Control) methodology, facilitated by RFId technology ‘Powered by P2M srl’

Corset manufactures small series components, such as hoods, doors, spoilers, etc., for the automotive sector, and medium-production series for the camper industry. They also produce casings for advanced diagnostic and hospital machinery, various types of prosthetics for the biomedical sector, and blades, towers, and motor covers infused in the wind energy field. Additionally, in the fields of ground mobility and various construction, they supply small to medium series of components made using RTM technology, which can be finished with mechanical assembly upon request.