A choice of quality, reliability, and professionalism

Corset offers dedicated and skilled production of parts made from composite materials, primarily carbon fiber, to a wide range of companies operating in the Automotive, Biomedical, Wind Energy, Agriculture, and Shipbuilding sectors.

Corset’s clients boast a diversified customer base, including some of the most prestigious brands in the international industrial arena.

For Corset, this achievement represents a significant triumph, as it confirms the widespread recognition of the core values upon which the group has built its corporate reputation.

Prominent brands in the industrial sector have chosen the quality of Corset

Corset’s services are cutting-edge and aim for increasing efficiency and precision

Latest Works

  • Biomedical – Prosthesis

  • Automotive – Carbon look components

  • Agricoltural machinery – FRP shell

  • Agricultural machinery – Components

  • Agricultural Machinery – Mechanical assembly

  • Industrial machinery – Punchin machine shell