Corset offers customized services for the production of carbon fiber components

Corset offers customized services for the production of carbon fiber components

From its operational headquarters in Ostellato, Corset serves a prominent international clientele in various industrial sectors, offering cutting-edge services that utilize the best technologies, including RTM Light and Infusion.


Corset, through its Technical Office, is capable of:

  • Design and engineer the components to be produced
  • Identify the best production cycle based on specifications
  • Conduct mechanical tests on the chosen production materials


Corset is capable of managing the prototyping of components to be produced for its clients through the latest technologies, ranging from 3D printing to multi-axis milling.

The production of carbon fiber components is the core business of Corset’s industrial division

Mold Making

The corporate entity in Ostellato is capable of designing and manufacturing molds for epoxy or vinyl ester RTM in accordance with the needs and requests of clients.

Additionally, they produce silicone counter-molds for RTM applications and full carbon molds suitable for high-temperature post-curing.

Corset’s services meet all customer needs, ensuring high-quality standards

Painting and Finishing

The headquarters is equipped with a GIARDINA painting booth measuring 12×6 meters.

The quality standards and methods for applying various painting cycles are defined in accordance with the client’s specifications.

Mechanical Assembly

The assembly department is capable of assembling mechanical components and mechanisms according to specifications, typically found in servo-assisted doors and openings, among others.

Quality Control

The entire production process is continuously monitored through the IPMC (Integrated Production and Maintenance Control) methodology, thanks to the adoption of RFID technology, ensuring material traceability.

The control of each action carried out during production allows for the maximization and standardization of quality.

The top companies in the industrial sector have relied on Corset’s services.