Corset has specialized in the supply of composite materials for the nautical sector

The company can claim the largest number of operating areas in Italy and a varied and internationally renowned clientele.Corset’s services are avant-garde and aim for ever greater efficiency and precision, thanks to the professionalism of everyone involved.


Corset specialises in the creation of finely carved MDF models.

This allows the best molding surface to be obtained for all components, even the smallest. The precision a know-how in this phase is fundamental for the success of all subsequent production steps.


Corset is involved in the production of customised molds according to clients construction requirements.

In order to optimise the client’s serie production, Corset guarantees optimisation and engineering of the molds, focusing on rotational molds to facilitate the lamination sequence layup.

Corset’s core business is the production of all the composite parts that compose a boat structure

Hand molding and infusion

The production of all the composite parts of a boat structure starts with the hull, deck, bulkheads all the way to smaller secondary components.

Corset excels in the processing of fibreglass and carbon fibre, combined with all types of resin, polyester, vinylester and epoxy.

Corset is specialized in the production of boats with the infusion technique. The group’s factories produce both very large infused components and hand-lay-up products, combining the craft skills of the workers with the most innovative technologies.

Servizio Infusione Corset-co

The services offered by Corset meet all client needs and guarantee high quality standards

Post Curing

Corset has latest generations ovens and UV lamps that enable temperature-controlled post-curing of all components. This also guarantees the issuing of the technical quality reports.

Fairing and Painting

Corset meets all the needs of the end customer, supplying products with the desired degree of fairing. These range from gelcoat finishing to full, coloured and metallic paint, depending on requirements.

Lab tests

Corset and the Linset laboratory work in synergy to carry out in-depth thermographic and ultrasound analyses of the various components, but also mechanical tests on the new materials to be used in production. This allows us to guarantee high quality standards that are scientifically certified.

The most important brands in the yachting industry have chosen Corset’s experience