Recently acquired, the Industrial Division supplies a vast range of sectors which in recent years have discovered the usefuleness of composite materials, both for versatility of shapes that can be obtained, and for the excelent weight/mechanical properties ratio.

Located in the province of Ferrara, a 4500 m2 facility is dedicated to the supply of wide-range sectors as:

  • Automotive
  • Biomedica
  • Wind Energy
  • Earthmoving/Agricultural/Construction machinery

Corset meets the requirements of major national and international brands, developing and producing all the customized components by applying the latest technologies as RTM or infusion.

The customer can be satisfied in all its needs, from design and prototyping, to mold development, up to the creation and fairing of the product, respecting the highest standards of internal quality controls, thanks to post-cure ovens, thermal imaging cameras, CPI methodology (Control of Integrated Production) and traceability of materials and processes.